Until the 1930s ploughs were pulled by some form of motive power. The ploughs were “trailed” behind the pulling unit. Early tractors from the end of WWO were merely a substitute for horses! In the 1930’s Harry Ferguson revolutionised ploughing. He invented the three point linkage system of attachment to the tractor and a smaller tractor was able to do large acreages of ploughing. SFPM specialises in its class for Ferguson tractors and Ferguson ploughs – both made before 1956.


Horse drawn plough Horse Ploughing

A pair of magnificent horses pulling a single furrow plough.

Trailed_class_new Trailed Class

A trailed plough pulled by a vintage tractor, often a Standard Fordson, both made before 1959.

Mounted_class_new Mounted Class

Ploughs attached to a tractor by the 3 point linkage. Tractor and plough made before         1959.

Classic_class_new Classic Class

Acknowledging that time moves on, this class is for tractors and ploughs up to 1976.

Ferguson_class_new Ferguson Class

For grey Fergusons and Ferguson ploughs.

Classes_5 Horticultural Class

Let’s not forget the smaller 2 wheel machines used for Market gardens, allotments etc. All   made before 1959.

Classes_5 Crawler Class


Reversible_class_new Reversible Class

The bridge between modern ploughing and vintage.