Sherwood Forest Ploughing Match  Is a popular and well attended match for all vintage classes.

Ferguson and Horticultural classes are qualifiers. 

Due to North East Derbyshires Ploughing Match being cancelled due to recent weather conditions, SFPM will now hold the qualifiers for the Classic, Vintage Hydraulic and Trailer classes.

The next match is planned for Sunday, 24th November 2019.  The only weather ever to stop it was 2 ft. of snow! The sand land ploughs exceptionally well at this time of the year. The farm grows big acreages of spring sown vegetables allowing it to offer bare land in November.

Sherwood Forest Ploughing Match has two main objectives:

Provide a good ploughing experience for competitors. The time of year, short days and unpredictable weather make this sometimes difficult to achieve, by contrast it can be a fantastic day’s weather and exceptional ploughing.

SFPM hopes to raise money for the Lincs/Notts Air Ambulance. The Air Ambulance is a very important part of rural life, often saving farm lives. We take pride in supporting this valuable service. 2018 was a record breaking year, where we were able to present Air Ambulance with £2,100. We are hoping 2019, with your help, will be another successful year.

Air Ambulance Crew... 2 Pilots, Doctor and Paramedic
Air Ambulance Crew…
2 Pilots, Doctor and Paramedic


Presentation of cheque December, 2019
Presentation of cheque December, 2019